Thursday, August 12, 2010

Big Ben says "Loosen the Guidelines"--Hear hear!

As an Atlanta closing attorney, we are on the front lines of the real estate and mortgage business and see 'what's really going on'. In lieu of continuing to generically (is that a word?) blame this all on "Wall Street" (which did contribute to this mess a few years back) let's take a look at one of the major reasons why we are STILL not seeing a solid real estate recovery--tight guidelines! (and appraisals--try googling HVCC if you want more info about well-intended legislation with unintended consequences) We see it all the time-people with good jobs, credit and income who cannot get a loan. With mortgage rates hitting an all-time low of 4.44% it's an awesome time to buy or refinance! Click on THIS LINK for a video from THINK BIG work small. Cheers, Bo