Saturday, November 1, 2008

Political Rant

This is an excellent article about our next President. On one hand, the Republicans had full control and BLEW IT but on the other, when the Democrats take over the Oval Office as well as the full Congress, God help our country. Work for a living? You will have to pay for someone who is not. Why is this on my Economy blog? Because the policies that will be implemented in January 2009 will more or less put a halt to any growth that this country will expect to see for the next few years. Again, I am NOT a fan of what the Republicans did. Shame on them for the largess, shame on them for the out of control spending. Iraq or not, they wasted more of our money than any other administration... ever! I continue to be impressed with Obama's oratory; despite the double talk, his talking points are actually seem believable. However, no amount of spin will take away the fact that he will put his hands into my pockets and give money to someone else. No, I don't make $250,000 a year (and having McCain won't guarantee that either) but take note of the fact that the $250K figure keeps dropping. What is your definition of rich? For many people, it's someone who makes more than they do. Not me; we live in America, the once-greatest country in the world. We read stories all the time about someone coming up with a great idea...and getting paid for it! That is so incredible and when I hear a 'rags to riches' story I smile to myself and mutter "God Bless America". Well, continue to add layers of regulation and restrictions, don't expect anything great out of America any time soon. Libertarians sometimes have the best ideas (keep your government out of my life, etc.) but they are too 'on the fringe' for my tastes (and for many other Americans). You may be surprised; take this quiz to see if you're truly left/right/center.

Again, I am no fan of what the "Republicans" (emphasis added, as they no longer represent true Republican ideology) did to our country. Likewise, the continued political partisanship bantering around sickens me. Actually, what have the Democrats done since taking over? No, I don't know either... I fear what will happen over the next four years--We'll plot that course this Tuesday I guess. Future generations will judge our actions: CHOOSE WISELY.