Friday, June 6, 2008

Spending and small towns

I find it interesting to read articles about the "Economic Stimulus Checks" that have been paid to-date. As you remember, this wealth redistribution program was supposed to push people to spend money to boost our economy. Well, just like ethanol, it has resulted in some unintended consequences again! Not that this is a bad thing, but it's not what the politicos really wanted--People have increased costs; most are using it as a cost of living boost. Sure, some people finally got that 32" Flatscreen, but most are simply filling their tanks or their grocery buggies. Speaking of economic stimulus, we really didn't find much at the outlets over the holiday weekend, though Joey found 2 pairs of Nike shoes for only $30 each and my daughter bought yet another Webkin (parents in the know understand... probably one of the best marketing coups I have ever seen! Makes 'beany babies' pale in comparison). I do have to praise small towns though-we stayed at our friends' place near Ellijay, but also went up to Blue Ridge. It turned out that they had an arts & crafts festival so we got to wander around and see some neat stuff. We also had the BEST Kettle Corn I have ever had in my life! Perfect balance of sweet/salt-I still keep thinking about it : ) Another anachronism? We saw the new Indiana Jones movie at the Swan Drive-in (one of FOUR still open in GA). Great time, the grounds were packed in! Sounds like Indy will rake in the highest $$ for the Summer. So see, SOMEONE is having success!