Thursday, July 3, 2008

Short & Sweet...

I guess my main economics news is that we really need to get those buyers off the fence-rates will most likely continue to go up over the course of the Summer; I expect we'll see 7% for the 30-year by Fall. Lenders still have tight standards for loans; the main 'traffic' I am hearing about relate to short-sales or foreclosures. I guess those monster law firms are rolling in clover since they have a lock on the foreclosure business. Other than that, we're here and ready to handle your closing business, be it residential (purchase OR refinance) and/or commercial. Why us? Excellent service, prompt return calls/emails and honest answers. How can I help YOU?

Another thought on oil prices-if the dollar had remained strong in relation to other currencies, a barrel of oil would only be around $70-80. Rate cuts helped our economy, but hurt the dollar. Expect rising rates!